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This record was recored on a boat that crossed the atlantic ocean from North Carolina to the U.K and europe back across to the Caribbean and Bahamas then home.with a iPad and acoustic guitar.11 months at sea 23 song


released April 9, 2016

written by Jacob Leonard
recorded and mixed by Jacob Leonard and Jason Carr
mastered by Scott Brandenburg
photo by Haydee Thompson



all rights reserved


Dark Prophet Tongueless Monk Winston Salem, North Carolina

We do it out of the love of creativity.

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Track Name: Jacob Leonard - The Change
The Change i did along the way. No shame from it, the way.
Track Name: All the Same again
I thought i wasn't like you i was different finding my own way but we are all the sam we fuck up all the time but thats ok.I got something to say I've been living afraid of the guilt turned to hate from what you say.Our love is just an answer not the picture with glamour it comes in different shapes and forms it maybe not the normal formal thing.i got something to say were living affair of the guilt turns to hate of what you say.
Track Name: Pick it Out
The prickly pear of the cactus stole my mind with its theatrics
With a torn in my lips the world turned to bliss full of microscopics
it gave me the answer and i lost it it gave me the answer but i could not solve it.
it riddels my head.
Track Name: Ancient seamonsters
I feel like I'm at the end of this life,its just new beginings.Minds eye makes me look to the sky for astrological patterns,my rams head charges hard in full charge the universe births new intentions .I will cross every single belief to find what beats inside me purely .
Orion belt our north will shine port to grasp distorted paths.Brite eye Jupiter will blind the attack of our rivals.Ill grasp my sister Taurus's back to seek out this new beginning .I will all ways and try to remember her these thoughts instilled with in our blood lines.The east will all ways greet with peace when ancient sea monsters bring us home.
Track Name: Intosomnia
Fall asleep don't be scared of defeat i can mimic and fake it thats what I've been thinking
Track Name: Freakkills
Long waves can all feel so real.

the two of us just the 2.
Track Name: Let us free
Its been a long time coming sense I've seen your face,but you never know where you will go with out seeing me.Tonight has got no intention of home but i see it in your grin.LOving down under you know you will get but just let it be.

Let us free
Track Name: wait
Wait don't take for granted the path you have been on for this long time i am the one who is underneath you and you won't be gone to long before eyes came into your mind and i won't be gone for to long you understand me that makes you pleasureful here 4 weeks
Track Name: Days of Laughter
Days of laughter will recapture better in the moments after long exposures do not compose but the blurry pictures perfect for that moment we will try to grasp the moment will forever our minds and hearts we will understand a foreigners body language cultivating relationships with vagabonds over a fifth maybe it will come back to me we will return before may be we'll leave it all.
get it all get it all get it all right
Self sufficient enter ambitions its the way we all should be baby return to me i will bring this mentality home to make up for the things i couldn't bring now you've plucked my internal string ohh lord
get it all get it all get it all right
Track Name: Internal Abyss
cast away your Demons put them in hell fire step into the light my son this is where you find,i see you and i see you eternity with out me i am suppose to live for eternity i can see it it in eternally step into the portal a black hole and rewind will you take the second chance or wait for the after life but i see you and i see you with sweet bitterness on the edge of bliss eternal internal abyss the tasting it sweet on my lips tasting it.
Cast away your demons put them in hell fire step into the light my son this is where you'll find.
Track Name: We are nothing
we are nothing until were free men
Track Name: Wonson
I am reborn with my life again i re torn with my love again
you came into my own life i started questioning mine you came before my own life i started questioning mine.
you came from my life you changed my life
Track Name: Pans Shadow
Keep on dreaming keep on dream keep on lifting keep on ticking
Living it up on the weekends
Track Name: UM